The cheaper alternative for photo, video recording

Most aerial photos are taken out of helicopters, due to a great panorama sight and a slower air speed. The negative side from this is the extremely high maintenance costs of a helicopter and due to this the aerial photos are very expensive as well. 

For comparison: The maintenance costs of an UL-airplane that is used by Flying Felix is only 25% of the charge for an helocopter

Why with Flying-Felix?

The airplane from type SILA450C that is used by Flying Felix was made especially for photo recording, which includes:

– The small required airstrip of only 90m
– A low minimum speed of only 60km/h ( during strong breeze its even lower)
– Built-in photo window
– Possibility to enlarge the side doors, due to recordings with a big camera

Aerial photos can be taken by Flying Felix or an experienced photographer. Services are offered in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

Wherefore aerial photos?

The utilization is pretty big. Here are some examples.

– Developing of photos for catalogues, advertising brochures
– Recordings for checking the developments of big building sites, also road making
– Documentation of changes in nature (wood, parks) 
– Observation of change in the climate
– Movie recordings for TV-movies or documentaries
– Creation of postcards, of companies or private house
– Aerial photos of big events
– To show changes in traffic or accumulation.