The cheaper alternative for photos and video recording

Most aerial photos are taken from helicopters, due to them having a wider panoramic view and slower air speed. The downside to this is the high maintenance costs of helicopters which leads to the aerial photos being very expensive as well.

For comparison: The maintenance costs of the UL-aircraft used by Flying Felix is only 25% of the cost for a helicopter

Why Choose Flying-Felix?

The aircraft model SILA450C used by Flying Felix was made especially for photo recording, and has the following features:

– It only requires a 150 metre airstrip
– A low minimum speed of only 65km/h (even lower during a strong breeze)
– Built-in photo window
– Possibility to enlarge the side doors, allowing you to record with a larger camera

Aerial photos can be taken by Flying Felix or an experienced photographer. Services are offered in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

Why use aerial photos?

They have a wide range of applications. Here are some examples:

– Developing photos for catalogues and advertising brochures
– Recording videos for checking the progress of big building sites, and road networks
– Documenting changes in nature (e.g woods, parks)
– Observing changes in the climate
– Recordings for TV-movies or documentaries
– Creation of postcards, for companies or private residences
– Aerial photos of big events
– To show changes in traffic patterns and accumulation.